Meet the Mamas!


We’ve noticed lots of new names popping up in our community lately, so we wanted to take a moment to welcome you, introduce ourselves and give you a bit of background as to how our little booch brand came about.

So first of all, WELCOME! It is so great to have you here as part of the Mama’s community. Our names are Liv & René and we are the founders of Mama’s Brew Shop. Brewing kombucha hasn’t always been our job. Before this we were both brewing babies, and dabbling with a bit of home-brewing in our kitchens. It was at this time that we both found ourselves at weddings and events, pregnant or breastfeeding and sipping on water or orange juice while everyone else was popping bubbles. And we asked ourselves, “why are there no good non alcoholic alternatives for special occasions?”

Fast track a few years later when the stars aligned and our paths finally crossed. We bonded over babies and booch and decided that we were going to take on the task of re-thinking social drinking. Whether it’s the way we drink booze, or the way that we don’t, we could see that the world was looking for an interesting, complex, more conscious alternative.

René is a nutritionist and medical herbalist, so took to the challenge of crafting a kombucha that was raw, organic and flavoured using only the best organic herbs and spices. After converting the garage downstairs, Helensville’s first kombuchery was born - Mama’s Brew Shop. We created a range of non-alcoholic, botanically crafted brews that embodied the spirit of all mamas - Love & Warrior. They were the perfect blend of both refreshing and complex and we were stoked.

Over time we noticed that people were drawn to our brews not only as a great non-alcoholic alternative, but also a great cocktail mixer when happy hour rolled around. This got us thinking. How could we re-think a carefully crafted, botanically brewed booch that had more than just a trace of alcohol? A brew all about bringing people together and making connections. It was then when we discovered the world of hard kombucha and in 2020 Happy Hour hard kombucha was born. During this journey of raising a Brew Shop, we were also raising a brood of 4 kids between us and juggling the craft of being business owners, mothers, wives and friends. To say it has been a wild ride would be an understatement! But this we can say - we are so excited to be on this journey, to see the world of social drinking take on this new direction and to have an epic community of customers and suppliers joining us for the ride!

So thank you for being here. For being part of our story and for letting us be part of yours. We always love hearing your stories, so be sure to tag us on @happyhourkombucha or @mamasbrewshop the next time you are sipping on one of our botanical brews!

Liv & René